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tv   [untitled]    April 19, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PDT

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leave san francisco because of the affordability crisis and we need to give the families a reason to stay here we can't didn't have them moving away to pittsburgh or elsewhere they have to exist here. thank you. next speaker. . good afternoon. i'm glen i apologize i'm out of breath. i want to really can you remember you to pass this measure the soccer community really, really needs more good fields. and you've probable heard the need has skyrocketed we need to have more room. i encourage you to pass this
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measure it's good for kids and adults as well >> thank you. >> is there anyone else who wants to make comments on this consent calendar seeing none, commissioners we need 0 motion. >> i'll entertain o a motion to approve the consent calendar. >> in favor unanimous thank you. we're on item six the san francisco zoo. >> i've got my notes on my
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phone. good morning, commissioners i'm danny i'm the director of market at the san francisco zoo. my apologizes that tanya can't be here she's on spring break with her children >> power point, please. >> all right. we're proud to announce that our march attendance with 75 thousand and our year to date is 6 hundred 4 thousand vs. a budget again over 76293 we're having a good year. we're proud to announce we've received funding to fill the position of conservation. this position the individual that took the position has been
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at the zoo for some time and has extensive experience and presented at the conventional and is published on various wildlife tops. good news we recently got a clean bill of health for the permitting from animal inspections we're proud of the work the zoo staff has done. a quick update we're currently out of contract but both parties are starting mediation on april 30th. this weekend we're mixing things up for easter we're inviting visitor to come out from 11 to 3 and we have friendly activities
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themed around preservation it's called play for the planet and it's free go to we have a refresh website it's a dynamic site we're thankful to our staff it's outstanding and if you haven't checked it out go to sf i'm not sure you saw a add in the chronicle but our chef wrote a piece of the copenhagen zoo related to youth in and the zoo staff felt this is was important to show the other side of the debate. we are proud that recently
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acquired 3 peel cans they're on inhabit on eagle island those birds are prevented from living in the wild so those birds have a safe home but officer our visitors the up close look at them across ocean beach. this this cut i didn't a southern fog recently arrived and will be in 0 tropical session. speaking of the zoo festive we're appreciate that the president has agreed to be our auctioneer we'll be honoring barbara hearst for the san
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francisco zoo >> i'll sell those naming rights for a high price. >> i want to bid on uncle bill. >> you already oppose me (laughter). >> is there anyone who wants to make comment on the san francisco zoo seeing none, public comment is closed. this was for discussion only commissioners we're on item 7 the shadow impact from the proposed project on the 650 indiana street >> good morning. i'm the participate with the capital decision. the item before you today as the commission secretary messages or mentioned is the shadow impact it's to recommend to the planning commission that the new shadow cast that upon the project will not have an impact
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to the youth of the park pursuant to the code. the quick overview for prop k the code 295 this was approved by voters in 1984 it prevents the shadowing from parks and it is codified in the 5. in 1989 the joint commissions of planning and this commission denied how 80 this shadow was defined to access the park shadow and provide guidance with downtown park samples. that defines the solar year which analysts that goes through the half year and applies to the other half and defines the solar
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day. the prop analysis look at one hour sunrise and before sunset. the location of the proposed project it in the dog patch neighborhood just to the northeast of this park. i'm joined by diego to talk about the project itself >> good morning diego sanchez with the planning department. the project is between 18 and 19 streets in the dog patch neighborhood it will demolish the warehouse structures and construct two 5 story residential building with one hundred and 11 unit approximately 19 hundred square feet serving retail services and
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the extinct building is 58 percent feet tall and their separated by a pedestrian alleyway and bicycle parking is proposed. throughout the site off-street parking parking is in a sub transparence garage and the bicycle parking is in the with garage. a >> stereo park is located between minnesota indiana and 19 and 20th street the park is made up of the meadow area surrounded by mature trees on the southern, eastern and northern endless it's actively used during the work days before and after the
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work days and on the weekend it's frequented by dog walkers for picnicking and as well as users the athletic circuit that goes around the park we have it identified the equipment identifyed in orange on the image. it's one of the 7 priority parks and the eastern neighborhood citizen committee is oiflgz the impact fees for development with the eastern neighborhood. this i want to show you some quick images how the project will effect the park. this is the day of greatest impact. 615 indiana is on the top where
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it cuts off i understand i think is shown on the bottom it looked at both of those two projects, however, only 650 is before you today. here we have 5:00 p.m. and there's no impact. you'll see 7:00 p.m. on the last and the point of impact this is the one hour before sunrise. to go through the a little bit more detail on though how the shadow will impact the park. the new shadow will occur between april 18th and august the new hour will be the largest shadow cast on the park is the 9
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thousand plus square feet on june 21st you saw and lasts for 11 anybody's the maximum area did not exceed 67 percent of the free park it rankles from 8 minutes to 43 minutes on june 21st, however, the average proximate to 3 minutes it will be cast on times northern quarter of the park and cover the pathway and grassy areas. our guidance from the 1989 memo provides that parks with less than 2 acres which are already shadowed that i 20 percent no
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additional shadow will matter and parks with less than 20 percent an additional one percent is considered not have big impact so this park is less than two acres but less than 20 percent coverage. at the moment it has 78 point coverage and this is shown on the bottom table is point zero 5 percent additional shadow. here again is an image of the day of greatest impact with the shadow on the park. this image shows the tree coverage within the park as well as the full stent of the shadow from the new project. the shadow from the proposed project is on the right and the
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shoot from indiana not before you today is on the left. this project is voluntarily putting a plaza in between to the left of one of the buildings. and here it's indicate corner to the space hopefully, this will activate the free park as well. this is one project in with o a number this is the first project that's coming before you. there are a few other projects in the pipeline that are proposed in the free park as well. this shows the location of them. there's also not one within the - that's not identified it's only at a height of 40 feet so,
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however, it will add some amount of shadow. the one this is favorite along is indiana it's west of the i understand i think today. and it will be about 5 stories at all approximately 58 feet and 777 tennessee which is off to the right it's the farther northern one that one is going through a shadow analysis and it will have 59 residential units and proposes to be less than point zero one percent it will add an additional shadow but not by much. tennessee are located south of
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666 tennessee have submitted environmental applications but not submitted a shadow application so we don't have additional information on them. this image shows you the greatest impact from the 3 projects. 650 indiana is on the left and you can see it's shadow on the northeast edge and 800 indiana is the next one on the south eastern edge and 666 tennessee will shadow the park on the northeast edge, however, the timing is different 650 indiana will shadow the park in the evening the last hour of the solar day and 777 tennessee is in the first hour of the solar. this is a cumulative chart.
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the moments the park has the 2 hundred and 96 square feet is shadowed by 98 percent by 31 million square feet hours and 650 will add a shadow of so many square feet hours this is the only project before you within the hours of sunset from june to august and eight hundred 00 i understand will add another 2.13 percent it's 33 square feet hours and 77 tennessee is 17 square feet hours adding a .0058 percent. adding those all altogether
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added 2.6999 shadow on the free park. so in all the shadow from 650 indiana will be minimal. that will hit an area that's largely covered by mature trees and on a portion of a path where other areas of the path that won't be covered by the shadow and impact only a small amount of the grassy areas it's staffs recommendation that the new shadow cast by the the project at the 650 indiana will not be significant impact >> thank you. >> is there any public comment
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on this item. please come forward >> good morning michael principle building we're the principle sponsor on 450 indiana i'm the director of the nonprofit that's been supported by this project and other to form the cities and states green benefit district. i know one of the issues that the commission considers when reviewing shadows is public benny want to emphasize we've spent well over a year and a half doctoring extensive outreach including a circulate and circulating an exhaust park survey throughout the dog patch neighborhoods hosting over 6 community meetings and for this community what dog patch community wants to see for the
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area and contributing over 61 thousand dollars towards the formation process for the green benefit district. i would love to come back to address you better because there's a tremendous application thought the city and i've been work or working with the staff on this project. if the green benefit district is approved by ballot in july and august latest september there are about $400,000 annually that will grow as projects like this come online it will be going to maintain and capital improvements to enhance the free park and homemade park.
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but we're proposing on the end of 19th street it will be fully public with a plaza that will compliment the soft space. this g d d is run by a board from the community. this particular committee will propose advocate seats and we look forward to working with sarah and other we hope this will be a stewardship model. of course, i'm available for questions >> is there any public comment on this item? are seeing none, public comment is closed. >> commissioner low. >> mr. sanchez, is this project
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within the eastern neighborhood district. >> yes. it is. >> so i guess and is it code compliant with the eastern neighborhoods. >> it will be seeking expectations under the large project which many projects do. >> so i guess if a project is in compliance with the eastern neighborhoods it still has to comply with the shadows ordinance. >> yes. definitely. >> so i noticed on our materials the shadow report only analyzed two of the 6 projects that were on the screen but there was a shadow cumulative shadow impact summary can we preceded deciding this without knowing what the shadow impact of the other projects including a more detailed shadow report on
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o a cumulative impact survey. >> you can make a decision on the 650 indiana project on the free park. >> so in considering cumulative shadow impacts then aren't we really saying the first project in the pipeline gets the preference since we don't have the 6 shadow reports before us. >> i'm not sure you're giving any preference to any project on whether the 650 indiana project is the use of the free park if you want to have a bigger discussion about what projects are coming in the pipeline in my
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professional opinion a a topic for other hearing you have this project on 650 indiana. >> i guess i'm trying to get after to a certain degree we have to mark; right? so if he know there's 6 projects well, there's one project less than 40 feet do we have to somehow look at it. >> all the projects customtively or we know there's other projects so - >> the i want to take the opportunity memo talks about the parks they haven't established the limit often called a budget. this project or park free park
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is not one of the parks with a budget. so this year isn't a quantitative measure. so i'm you understand you're feeling there are a lot of of the projects in the pipeline and some may come forth some may not it's up to this commission if you want to establish a quantitative limit for the budget. i'm not sure if this could can be done at this hearing but but maybe at a joint hearing. what's before you now is the 650 indiana project and any adverse impact of the shadows cast upon the park and it's use. i think if we were to establish a budget inform a free park that
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would have to be a joint hearing with the planning commission which we couldn't do but under the 1989 memo a spree park is less than two acres so i know we disagree that the 1989 memo doesn't provide guidance on the parks but if we were to establish a budget to show the cumulative impact we would have to do so with the planning commission >> that's right it provides a guidance for southern amount of shadows unfortunately, this is an instance the park is a certain size and the stating shadows don't match up we can get a large park that's not considered but close to less
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than 20 percent if you use that guideline that guideline adds to 20 percent shadows this project on 650 indiana will cast well under the 20 percent. a guideline for a larger park but in the a smaller park the guidance is general >> so our quantitative analysis is more or less of a guideline for this park. >> as i understand it, yes. >> but we to go dot quantitative part that appears to be after work hours where it's used the most. >> there are definitely qualitative parts of day the length of shadow and other
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benefits that would be provided to the city and general recreation in san francisco. >> other than the poland how many affordable housing - well, is the developer having inclusionary housing. >> yes. 16 units on site. >> well, you know, this is a situation where i think there is no neighborhood support and no neighborhood opposition so i feel like i'm yelling into a hole. >> if i can comment in my processing of the planning code issue i've received to date 8 letters in support of the project generally not speaking to this project but the project in general i've received 8. >> just before this commission
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you've seen as some of the content matters we had we had no one in support or opposing this so i'm going to be dropping the microphone. >> there was a nice letter from the dog patch neighborhood. this is a an unusual situation railway are 6 projects known at any given time albeit it falling on a park not regulated by shadows owners and the sense of what we're doing from a recreational stewardship is important. having said that my sense of this is probably realizing in my
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past developer days it's punitive not to go forward with this because the developers have done everything i do think i'm not sure who to direct this to but it would be helpful to us with the degree that the planning department knows it what we do know about the other projects to know because we are not operating under strike guidelines here. commissioner bonilla >> i would just like to comment i think it is faulty planning to do a piece meal approach. to this hyphenated the development